Men’s Golf League

At Wild Oak

-Format: Chicago Points system. USGA Rules

-Requirements: Handicap and partner

-League Entry Fee: $20 per player

-Cost per week: $5 per player, 100% pay out each week

-League runs for 14 weeks. Must play 10 of the 14 weeks to qualify for the end of the year cash Tourney.

-Start time May 16th runs until Aug 21st.

-League runs from Wednesday to Tuesday every week.

-You must play 18 holes each week. You can split the 18 holes into 2 different 9 hole rounds on separate days.

-Each team/player must play with another team/player that is in the league each week.

-Wild Oak will keep track of weekly scoring.

-All teams that play at least 10 weeks can compete in final cash tournament on Sunday, August 26th. ($10 per player)

Mens League Week 1-
May 16-22nd

1. Keith Reiners/Andrew Crothers 6
2. Kole Schelske/Jayson Plamp 4
3. Bryan Slaba/Marty Deboer 2
4. Cody Miles/Jim Miles 2
5. Clint Hinker/Brad Pearson -2

Men’s League Week 2-
May 23rd-29th

1. Cade Carpenter/Jason Meyerink +12
2. Kole Schelske/Jayson Plamp +10
3. Jawson Collins/Steve Gates +8
4. Paul Schelske/Scott Peper +7
5. Lyle Johnson/Frank Stands +6
6. Jerry Smith/Fuzz Adams +4
7. Bryan Slaba/Marty Deboer +4
8. Kyle Franey/Scott Fergen +3
9. Jon Hart/Tyler Klumb +3
10. Reggie Martin/John Doescher +3